Inception Launches the Netflix of VR: Partners with Boiler Room


Inception brings immersive VR and 360° experiences to life, creating original and born-for-VR premium entertainment content. The company has announced a partnership with Boiler Room to create and stream its content in VR and 360 on Inception’s app.


TEL AVIV — January, 2017 — Inception recently announced the international launch of its platform that delivers original and high quality ‘Born for VR’ content. Its unique team of industry experts, including the executive producer of “Homeland”, have their sights set on becoming the Netflix of VR by serving as the leading destination for pure VR entertainment. Using original formats, exclusive rights, and creative programming, Inception’s portal of channels is showcasing engaging VR experiences to consumers worldwide. With its launch, the company is announcing its collaboration with Boiler Room, already supplying users with content from a dynamic broadcasting platform.


Inception Formats

Inception was created by a unique all-star team of industry experts from multiple fields, including serial entrepreneurs, a Microsoft Executive, visual effects specialists, and the Emmy Award winning producer of “Homeland”, Ran Telem. Together, they plan to redefine the process of creation, production, distribution, and monetization of VR interactive entertainment. Inception is the only destination for interactive non-gaming content, offering ongoing, repeatable formats streamed on its channels. By creating these protected formats, Inception ensures that viewers, brands, and creators will have a stream of content to watch.


Inception Content Experience

What makes Inception’s VR content so compelling is that every feature is conceptualized, designed and filmed with VR in mind. This makes for a far superior viewing experience than the majority of VR content available nowadays, which uses simplistic 360° video or TV style formats and imports them into virtual reality. Inception’s concepts are meticulously planned in advance to utilize the 360° space they are given and add immersive, engaging interactivity throughout the entire production and post-production process.


Inception Technology

Inception apps also have a technological edge within the VR industry, boasting proprietary streaming technology that enables the best possible quality with the least lag time. The apps utilize real-time data of user behavior in order to stream content predictively and also uses smart analytics, such as eye and head-tracking technology. Its VR technology enables gamification and interactivity in what would otherwise be standard, linear content, adding an additional layer of immersion that allows the user to control their experience. The Inception app is now available on Android and iOS, for Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift, with apps for the HTC Vive and Playstation coming soon.

“At Inception we share the belief that VR is not just the next step in the evolution of TV, it’s a revolution of the entertainment industry,” said Benny Arbel, CEO and Co-founder of Inception. “No longer is the audience just a 3rd party viewer. With Inception’s born-for-VR formats, the viewer is actually the director of  the content. The user is completely immersed in the VR experience and can actually interact with the content and control his or her storyline, making the experience the next best thing to actually being there. Inception’s VR content will completely change the way we experience the world, from music to art and lifestyle.”


Boiler Room Partnership

Inception also partnered with Boiler Room, the world’s number one community of underground music fans, unveiling a dedicated channel for Boiler Room’s live music events in VR on Inception’s app. The companies are also creating the first ever ‘Born for VR’ venue that will serve as a dedicated site for live VR music shows streamed directly via Inception. Together, the companies will enhance the ‘truly there’ VR experience and will also provide an outlet for any brand to use the venue to share their art with people all over the world.


Additional Inception Content

In addition to utilizing its format to produce original content, Inception will commission the protectable format to other companies, and is also partnering to produce and broadcast for different reality owners. In addition to collaborating with Boiler Room, other content available on Inception’s apps includes:

  • Wicked 10th Anniversary Experience for TimeOut London – Viewers are taken on a backstage 360° and VR tour of Wicked the Musical, experiencing the stage, dressing rooms, and actors as if they are actually there.
  • Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – The top DJ duo collaborated with Inception to make the first ever interactive VR music video. The app transports users into the DJ’s live show, allowing consumers to enjoy this interactive experience and choose where they want to party with the DJs.
  • Music Formats – ‘This is Where it Starts’ allows users to enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at some of their favorite music artists, such as Ed Harcourt and Mystery Jets, who each take viewers on a one-of-a-kind interactive tour of the their recording studios.
  • Culture Formats – Inception partnered with the Dali Theatre-Museum to premiere the world’s first virtual interactive museum exhibit at this year’s Leading Culture Destinations Awards. The format, the first in a series of content called ‘Encounter the Masterpieces’, allows users to explore and interact with Dali’s most acclaimed masterpieces. Inception also offers a rare opportunity to glimpse into Curtain Call, Ron Arad’s temporary traveling exhibition featuring interactive experiences from artists around the world.
  • Lifestyle Formats – Users can join a VR workout class, such as Gaga workouts, a movement language designed to help you gain self awareness through your body.
  • Partner channels – Inception is collaborating with Kaleidoscope and other Independent filmmakers to stream beautiful pieces in immersive VR.