Inception & Kaleidoscope Online VR Film Festival Terms & Conditions

By submitting your film to the competition, you accept all terms and conditions as specified in this section. Please read carefully.

  1. By submitting your film to the competition, you confirm that you are the creator and owner of the film, and that you grant Inception the license to use and distribute your film through our VR applications, app stores, internet websites and other channels that we choose from time to time.
  2. You further confirm that (a) you have created the film yourself and you are the only owner of all copyright and other rights therein, and (b) you have all the rights necessary to grant us the license above and you truly believe that our use of the film will not violate any rights of third parties. This includes, among other things, all music rights and performance rights that are included in the film.
  3. Inception will be giving out a prize pool of $15,000 to be divided as following:
    $5K to 1st place winner
    $3K to 2nd place winner
    Honorary prizes of up to 1000$ a piece will be given out to additional winners throughout the course of 6 months, by end of 2018
    The Cash Prize for first and second prize winners will be sent to winners by July 1.
  4. Submission opens May 1st, 2018 and closes May 31, 2018.
  5. On June 5th our judging panel will review all submissions and choose the top videos that are accepted to the competition.
  6. We will then announce which videos have been accepted to the competition, via email to creators.
  7. Those who have been accepted will be asked to provide us with additional graphics materials at that point, so they will be featured in the festival channel on our app properly. They will also be asked to sign an agreement with the same T&Cs as specified here to be kept on file.
  8. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges with 5 representatives from both Inception and Kaleidoscope.
  9. Winners will be announced on June 14, 2018, on our website and across our social channels. In addition, a personal email will be sent to the winners.
  10. On June 14th, the day winners are announced, a festival channel will go live on our app, available across all platforms
  11. The videos will remain under this channel for 24 months, with winners being credited for their win on app.
  12. The entries will also appear on the Inception website and will be promoted through our marketing efforts including on social media, our newsletter, push messages etc. By submitting your content, you confirm that we may use your film in our marketing efforts, while crediting you as the creator and owner of the content.
  13. Submission guidelines: please make sure your content meets the following specifications:
    Pieces created in the last year (not earlier than 2017)
    A creator can submit their piece to the competition, even if it’s already on the Inception app and will sign on a new content agreement if winning one of the prizes
    Creators may submit multiple entries to the competition
    Square pixel aspect ratio: 1:1
    Top Bottom (Stereoscopic) and/or – 360 Monoscopic
    Mp4 H264 (not H265/HEVC)
    Frame-rate = 30 fps
    Resolution: 4096*2048 OR 3840*2160 OR 3840*1920
    Codec = Apple ProRes 422 – 147 Mbps (Apple ProRes 422 is approximately 147 Mbps at 1920 x 1080 and 29.97 fps. ) or File Size = Depending on length. Approx 4 Gigs per Minute.
    Audio = authored at 48khz (48000hz)
  14. We may reformat your film if necessary for distribution of the film in the media channels that we choose. We will not edit or otherwise make changes that impact the project creatively.
  15. We will not be required to pay you or any third party any royalties or fees or obtain any other permissions or consents from third parties for using and distributing your film.
  16. A minimum of 20 registrations to the competition are needed, and if we don’t have 20 submissions by end date, the date to submit will be prolonged until we do. In that case, winners will be announced 2 weeks after submission ends and prior dates indicated will all b changed accordingly.
  17. Inception has the right to cancel the competition at its sole discretion at any stage, in which case we will make no use of films submitted to the competition on our platform.
  18. Creators have 5 working days to reply to any direct email sent from Inception to them requiring them to take action, in any stage – to receive prize money, higher quality files, to give us graphic assets once accepted to the competition etc.
  19. All creators who are accepted to the competition hereby agree to have their name & image featured in all Inception’s press announcements relating the competition, on Inception websites, and all social media channels.
  20. We agree and confirm that all the intellectual property rights in your film are and will remain exclusively owned by you.
  21. We will have the right to distribute your film for the duration of 24 months, at which point the creator may approach Inception at any time to remove the project from our application.
  22. We will have the right to distribute your film on 3rd party apps or media, as part of a broader distribution deal we enter into.
  23. We may stop using and distributing your film at any time and for any or no reason. You should note that, even if this agreement will terminate, end users who already downloaded the film (before termination) may still continue to access the film.