Are you a reality owner?

A reality owner is anyone who has a brand, an asset, or an attribute that they would like to transform to the virtual world. You could be a musician, an artist, a curator, an anthropologist, a nature lover or simply someone with a good idea for cinematic experience. We can partner with you to get the most from virtual reality. Contact us to find out more!
The VR opportunity
With over 200 million VR devices in 2020 and billions of dollars in expected sales, the VR market provides new opportunities for Reality Owners. An opportunity to monetize and extend your brand, communicate better with your audiences as well as reach new audiences that previously, simply could not have access to your talents.
Our formats
Our formats are the key to successfully creating an abundance of high-quality VR content, with low risks and costs involved. By allowing other creators to purchase rights to our formats, we become a distribution network and enable revenue sharing opportunities.
Creative VR experiences
Inception leads ‘Reality Owners’ through the world of VR, helping them create extraordinary immersive experiences that touch their audience in a new dimension, turning their vision into reality, from A-Z. We combine state-of-the-art technology, top creative talent and leading industry experts to fully manage the process of creation, production, distribution and monetization.
From vision to reality, we make it real.
The Inception app
The inception app features premium and exclusive VR content. We support multi-platforms and devices. Our app adapts VR content for all user segments.
Want to work with us?
For coproduction, cofinancing or content distribution, be in touch with us here!
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