Pitchfork and Inception Launch Virtual Reality Music Channel

The two leading companies give music fans worldwide the chance to experience new dimensions to music with the Pitchfork Channel on Inception’s VR app


Thursday, July 20, 2017 – Los Angeles, California – Pitchfork and Inception announced today their exciting partnership, combining music and VR to revolutionize the market for a new generation of music fans. Pitchfork, the most trusted voice in music, and Inception, the next generation immersive content network, are using this combination of the two media to create more interactivity and immersiveness, and provide a stronger storytelling opportunity for musicians and artists alike.


The partnership brings together two leaders in their fields.


Pitchfork’s award-winning video channel launched in 2008, and in the years since has become the leading voice for coverage of music across all visual platforms. Series like Over/Under, Pitchfork Classic, Pitchfork Live, A Brief History, and Frames have been recognized with awards by the American Society of Magazine Editors, The Webbys, and more, for their unique approach to journalism and entertainment. Covering rising stars and household names, with content ranging from longform documentaries and stylized live performances, to social video and animation, Pitchfork’s video department is at the forefront of innovation. That tradition continues with the launch of the first-ever Pitchfork VR Music Channel, in partnership with Inception.


Inception is a leader in creating and distributing VR casual content, utilizing their unique combination of proprietary technology and exclusive content formats and rights to offer a single app across multiple platforms for discovering the world’s best VR content. Inception has already created several visually stunning music VR productions that immerse you in their mind-blowing scenery, play with your mind and inspire you to dance and move.


With the first piece of content for the new channel due to drop in a few weeks, Pitchfork and Inception look forward to a long partnership of pushing boundaries and breaking barriers together.


“Inception is a double threat — both a platform and studio — and they share a similar point of view on VR’s most exciting opportunities. I’m looking forward to our partnership because it gives Pitchfork a destination within the virtual reality space, and significant experience and expertise on the production side,” said RJ Bentler, Pitchfork Vice President, Video Programming. “Music videos have been a driver in the digital video space for a decade, and we see huge potential in expanding the art form into this much more immersive format. This is an entirely new way to think about visualizing and experiencing music, and we have tons of crazy ideas up our sleeve.”


“We selected Pitchfork as our number one music partner because we believe they truly are the most trusted voice in music,” said Benny Arbel, Inception CEO. “Their approach that marries documentary, live and review content fits perfectly with our VR world. Inception’s proven capability in interactive VR casual entertainment together with the creativity from the Pitchfork team and their selected artists, will create truly immersive entertainment VR content.”



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